Tongues of Judgement

As you go about your day to day business, you may not know all the circles in which your name is being mentioned for evil, causing you to lose favor with people who were meant to help you get to the next level in life. You do not have to do anything to attract the ire, jealousy and condemnation of others. There are people who simply look at you and decide that they don’t like you or the very idea of you. It doesn’t end there, they take it to the next level and spread all sorts of malicious and unfounded allegations to weak minded people who specialise in jumping to conclusions at one sided stories where you cannot be there to defend your honor and integrity.

This morning, if you are in this class, where you are being maligned unfairly and tabled at strange gatherings, may the Lord show up for you and be your defense because He’s promised to be a defender to the defenseless. May he raise unexpected men and women to fight your battles even without your knowledge and may every unjust counsel regarding your matter, be turned to foolishness and may every trump up charges against your person become baseless! May the Lord who sees hearts and secret conversations and acts that are detrimental to your wellbeing rise up in your defense and may every tongue that rises against you in indignation and judgement be condemned. Amen!!!

I have to add this caveat because I love to balance out my write ups. If you have character issues, please work on those and fix them; do not assume that haters are just hating on you out of unfounded jealousy. Sometimes you piss others off with an obnoxious attitude. There are some people that bring on the talk because they go about spreading their evil character traits, tainting all they touch with their brand of poison. It’s a different thing if people make unfounded accusations because scriptures say that a curse causeless shall not stand- the long haul will always bring it to the forefront and God will arise on your behalf. But if many people have had independent dealings with you and everyone draws the same conclusions about your character, please do not merely type amen- ask God for the strength to change undesirable character traits and He will, if you are genuinely ready to work on them. For this second class of people, your prayer should be that God should help you with negative character traits that hinder your full potentials from blossoming. Everyone has flaws, but it becomes an issue when it becomes a lifestyle without any sincere effort to change.

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