The Frenemy

It is easy to accept criticism and correction from friends who also balance it out with celebrating your good points as well. However, if you have a friend who never celebrates you, never compliments when you do something right, but just stands by the corner waiting for you to do or say something wrong for them to pounce on your jugular, using information they know about you and letting it slip in coded language, just to satisfy some secret battles they are fighting with themselves, you do not need an enemy, hehehehehehe. Such a person is a frenemy.
An enemy ‘s function is different because the enemy owes you no loyalty, no love, and can pounce on you without apologies. With enemies, you always have to watch your back, but a true friend has your back covered. A friend’s role is different. It doesn’t mean friends should lie to you- a good friend will tell you the truth ‘in love’ and also commend you when you do something right.

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