Healing and Moving on

One powerful lesson I have learnt in this season is that, you begin to heal from a mishap the moment you make up your mind to move past the tragedy that has befallen you.

People will say all sorts of nice and encouraging things to bring you comfort and cheer, and while I’m not dismissing the power of their words, it is merely a band-aid solution and really does not have that much impact, if you have not made up your mind to rise and to live again. The decision to try again, MUST emanate from the inside. You must give yourself reasons to want to live again, and use those as a crutch to rise from the ashes of pain and grief. It must begin with a resolve to heal, and to move on, even if moving on takes a process, but eventually you will. No external medication can heal you, if you have resolved to wallow in the sickness of grief. UIK

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