Burning Hurt


Burning hurt is about people and the consequences of the choices they make. Written with a rich infusion of ‘Ibibo’ language, the book tells the story of the contemporary Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria as captured through their characters and their experiences. If you have any doubt about the power of unforgiveness, read ‘Burning Hurt”.







SOW&G Foundation

Save Our Women and Girls Foundation (SOW&G) exists to give women a voice, strengthen social services and increase awareness of women’s rights in Africa


Educating Women across the communities in NIgeria to achieve financial independence and security, build skills and resources to start small businesses or diversify their incomes and build a better life


Pprovision of professional counselling and Peer to Peer mentorship that specialises in women’s issues, providing specific therapy that can help women deal with issues that are exclusive to them


Annual conference addressing the needs of Girls and Women, programmes for widows and elderly women in Nigeria


Eliminating all forms of  violence against all Women and Girls in the public and private spheres including trafficking and other forms of sexual exploitations

improving the lives of



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Unyime-Ivy KING

The Mother and Wife

Unyime-Ivy King is married to her best friend and husband of 15 years, Ubong King, and lives with him and their four children in Lagos. She believes that the family is an important unit of society which helps to transmit culture between generations as strong and stable societies, emerge from strong, stable and positive family experiences

…As a mother, I have a growing understanding of how a young girl who is correctly guided can cause tremendous change for the best in her family, community and nation. We are still struggling as a nation because we have underestimated the girl child


The Entrepreneur

Amb Unyime-Ivy King describes herself as the Chief Responsibility Officer of Heritage Treasure Trove Communications Ltd (HTTCL), her publishing and communications outfit. She also sits on the board of Protection Plus Services Ltd, as the Executive Director, Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility. She is both Author and publisher of the novel, Burning Hurt.

…As an entrepreneur, don’t gather a tribe of ‘yes’ men and women. The only way to grow is for somebody to be able to point out when you go wrong


The Social Worker & Women Rights Advocate

Amb.(Mrs) Unyime-Ivy King is the Executive Director of the Save Our Women and Girls Foundation (SOW&G), a not-for-profit organisation, which was incorporated formally in late 2016 and is focused on creating social developmental awareness on issues that concern women and girls. She is the convener of the annual Women Empowerment Skills Training (#WEST ) and the initiator of the community based initiative tagged: Trash2Wealth, in collaboration with FABE International Foundation

…I believe that the education and empowerment of women throughout the African continent cannot fail to result in a more economically viable,  progressive, just and peaceful region for all

My Musings

Unhealthy Rivalry

I once had an encounter with a parent at my daughter, Sarah’s school during one of the Open House events….

Love Makes Allowance

Where genuine love is thick, offenses are thin. When someone genuinely loves you, it would be easier to make allowances…

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